High Wheeled Trimmer

      The ECHO Bear Cat WT190 features an Off-set Trim capability. The body of the trimmer can be pivoted up to 13 degrees allowing the cutting line to reach well beyond the left wheel. This makes trimming easy and convenient along retaining walls, fences and other tight areas while eliminating wheel rub.

      The WT190 wheeled trimmer comes standard with .155mil nylon cutting line, with specialty Triple Blade Brush Cutter and Sabre Tooth Blade kits available. The 14" dia. Sabre Tooth Blade can cut saplings and small trees up to 4” in diameter while the 14" dia. Triple Blade Brush Cutter makes short work of heavy weeds, cattails and underbrush.
      77 lbs
      Fuel Type:
      Briggs and Stratton Quantum
      Starter Type:
      Fuel capacity:
      .25 gal
      Can I operate the Wheeled Trimmer on a hillside?

      The ECHO Bear Cat Wheeled Trimmer is capable of continuous operation on a slope not to exceed 15 degrees. Limited operation on slopes greater than 15 degrees is allowed.

      Do the Sabre Tooth Blade and Triple Blade Brush Cutter fit all models?

      Yes. By removing the mow ball both accessories will work and can be height adjusted to preference.

      How difficult is it to perform maintenance on the machine?

      ECHO Bear Cat products are designed with ease of maintenance in mind. Proper maintenance is vital and should be performed routinely with blades, belts and bearings being most important.

      How do I change the trimming line?

      Change the line by folding a 20" piece of cutting string in half. Insert the piece into the slot of trimmer head disk until the bend in the string is past the line holder tab. Pull the string underneath the tab until secured in place. It may be necessary to be removed pieces of broken worn string before new string can be properly installed.

      How long will the plastic trimmer blades last?

      The plastic trimmer blades outperform any trimming line. However, saplings or hard objects will reduce their life.

      Is there a rental application for this machine?

      Yes. Commercial landscapers and yard care people will have a seasonal need for this piece of equipment.